Low Carbon Devon Test Chamber

The proposal for this Low Carbon Devon (LCD) climate chamber test facility is to provide a space that can be used to trial different technologies and scenarios in a controlled environment. The brief called for a modular construction, and one that could potentially be disassembled in the future should the facility need relocating to a different location on campus.

  • Overall layout.
    1.1 There will be a single climate chamber, which will provide space for experimentation.
    1.2 Immediately adjacent to this room will be a "control room", where all building services can be controlled. Also where lead scientists can monitor the climate chamber. There should be a window between the climate chamber and control room for observation purposes.
    1.3 The climate chamber and control room shall be formed as one complete built unit. This unit will sit within the existing building. It will be a stand alone insulated box, which can be moved in the future if needed.
  • Fabric first approach. Climate chamber and control room.
    2.1 The walls, roof and ceiling to this facility should meet U-values of at least 0.17W/m2K
    2.2 The window and door between the control room and the climate chamber should meet target U-values of at least 0.8W/m2K.
    2.3 The climate chamber should have an air permeability rating of at least ≤ 0.6 air changes per hour @ 50 Pa.
  • Modular construction
    3.1 The building shall be formed from a simple timber frame construction, which shall ease construction and minimise risk from material shortages / long lead in times.
    3.2 The building shall be formed from a series of standardised modular insulated panels. These will be fixed together in place, but be capable of being disassembled and re-formed in another location.
  • Building services
    4.1 The climate chamber will require specialist services to control aspects of the internal environment, such as temperature and lighting etc.
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