Nomansland2017 - Ongoing

Throughout Devon and the wider south west region, there are a number of very old agrigultural buildings. However many of these no longer fulfil the role they were originally built for. For instance new farming methods and machinery often require larger spaces. Therefore such old barns fall into disuse and can be neglected.

The client for this project valued the character of the historic barn adjacent to their home, so decided to repurpose it into an art studio for family members to express their creativity.

It is proposed that as much of the original building will be retained as possible. This barn retains many existing historic features and materials, which we have had fun finding new roles for in the project, such as animal troughs and feeders.

In order to deliver a light and airy space, the existing first floor over the main barn space shall be removed. This will create a double height room open to the existing timber rafters.

The existing stone and brick barn walls shall be thermally upgraded internally. Externally, these will be left exposed, to retain their original appearance. The front, south elevation of the building shall have a new insulated timber clad finish, which will echo the original finish. Yet, this elevation will have the addition of glazed windows and doors to add much needed natural light to the art studio.

Planning permission has been granted for the barn conversion to art studio, and is now moving onto the more techincal stages of the project.